Working meeting for the preparation of the Regional Action Plan for the expansion of e-mobility infrastructure and e-mobility, the e-MOTICON project

On September 19th 2018, a working meeting was held in the protocol facility Kolpern in Jesenice, as part of the preparation of the Regional Action Plan for the expansion of e-mobility infrastructure and e-mobility.

The purpose of the meeting was the presentation of the regional action plan draft for the expansion of e-mobile infrastructure and e-mobility, the presentation of chapters that needed the contribution of municipalities and the feedback from municipal representatives for upgrading the draft version of the action plan.

The event  was an opportunity to present and discuss a joint regional vision, short and long term and in general for the implementation of e-mobility. The long-term vision of Gorenjska as a mountainous region involves the use of e-mobility in urban and rural areas and highlands according to the technological development of e-mobility, regardless of the private or public choice of means of transport.

Among other things, it was mentioned that the introduction of sustainable mobility is important for protecting the environment and reducing the amount of air and noise pollution. The key part of this is the increased share of e-mobility and the need to find the optimal solution for setting up e-charging stations. A step forward in improving the situation in this area is the Regional Action Plan, which will be a part of the transnational White Book together with the other action plans of the partners of this project, along with a transnational strategy for the dissemination of interoperable e-charging infrastructure in the Alpine region.

The regional vision for sustainable mobility is already defined in the Local Sustainable Mobility Plans or the Action Plans of Local Energy Concepts and other strategic documents, and complements the transnational e-mobility strategy for an interoperable community and integration in the Alpine region. The vision of sustainable mobility in Gorenjska emphasizes a higher quality of life for people by using sustainable means of transport that meet the needs of people.