E-mobility in province of Brescia, Italy

Pier Luigi Mottinelli, President of Brescia Province: “For years we have promoted e-mobility as a real revolution in the field of mobility. This revolution brings together multiple aspects: widespread environmental awareness, smart cities and ICT development, different conception of sustainable mobility and vehicle ownership and transformation of energy production systems. Within this framework, we are quite active in multiple projects and initiatives at local, regional, national and international level, such as e-MOTICON project, involving our municipalities and stakeholders. As Province of Brescia, we aggregate and coordinate our municipalities in tenders and call for funding for the installations of charging spots, promoted by Lombardy Region and by the Ministry of Environment, with the aim to boost sustainable mobility across our territory. As a member of Lombard Mobility Cluster Association (CLM), Brescia Province’s main objectives in the field of e-mobility are the development of charging network in support of the circulation of electric and hybrid plug-in vehicles, and the diffusion of an efficient infrastructure that adequately covers private and public access to recharge.

In e-MOTICON project, Province of Brescia is the coordinator of e-HUB pilot action. Eng. Raffaele Gareri director of Technological Innovation Department of Brescia Province, continued: “Thanks to our experience and cooperation with international partners, we created a model of a help-desk which will be used as a concrete tool by our municipalities and stakeholders, to share information and initiatives in the field of e-mobility and charging spots. We are now setting up the virtual tool of the help-desk.

Within the e-HUB activities, Brescia Province coordinated a first working table with Municipalities in occasion of the final approval of project co-financed by Lombardy Region. “It was a great occasion to discuss, collect local needs and to plan together our next activities and projects…The best is yet to come!”

Pier Luigi Mottinelli President Province of Brescia