At the beginning of 2017 there were 24 e-charging stations in Gorenjska region. Municipality of Radovljica had the biggest number of them at that time. Two out of five were stationed on the highway A2/E61, by Petrol on the OMV gas stations, North and South. Mentioned e-charging stations have been two out of four fast e-charging stations in Gorenjska. Two are stationed in the Municipality of Šenčur on the gas stations Petrol, on a highway A2/E61 Voklo, East and West. At the end of 2017 there were 37 e-charging stations in Gorenjska. The number of e-charging stations is increasing.

To update the information on the number of e-charging stations and technical specifications, you are invited to cooperate. Let us know about newly installed  e-charging stations in Gorenjska. Send information to: or call 04 28 17 242 or use E-HUB form on the first page.


On the map “” you may see a current state of e-charging stations in Gorenjska and elsewhere.