News from Berchtesgadener, Germany

Information, Support, Guidance, Networking

Berchtesgadener Land is a place worth living in. To make sure it remains that way, sustainable, innovative mobility gets a big YES from the responsible authorities within the region. It is part of the regional climate concept’s mobility goals. So e-mobility is one topic that is being tackled heads on to make sure region, people, companies, authorities, that is all the stakeholders, are fit for the challenge.

As a support to this development the regional economic service provider has started its work as regional information hub for e-mobility and charging stations. Fostering the exchange of knowledge and experience is one key element. International, national and regional. A first big event was held on October 9th 2017 in Piding. The aim of this event was not only to provide up-to-date information on the current development and funding possibilities. It was also a starting point for a discussion on business models, open questions and needs and the roles of different stakeholders. The next step within the region will be a closer look on an industrial area in Freilassing. Steering into a more intense discussion with the companies therein. Aiming for a better understanding of needs, challenges and potential cooperation models. In parallel companies can make an appointment for a one-on-one meeting to discuss more specific concerns arising during the plans of installing a charging station. First meetings already took place and showed that interest in the topic is high and support very welcome.

The main focus of all these activities is to provide a suc-cessful interface between companies and public authorities to help them pull in one direction when it comes to e-mobility. To place those charging stations in all the right places. To help make this Alpine homeland a place of excellence for its installed e-mobility infrastructure. Together!