The end of the project e-MOTICON

The end of the project e-MOTICON

The final project event was held on March 26th 2019, hosted by Region Lombardy at its prestigious headquarters Palazzo Lombardia in Milan, with a public conference and an exhibition of e-mobility vehicles and services in Piazza Città, the largest covered square in Europe. The event was hosting 40 speakers, 267 participants and 37  exhibitors.

Lombardy Region was a partner in a e-MOTICON partnership consortium and was implementing  pilot activities as setting up a website for the promotion of e-mobility, the e-HUB with Brescia Province, actively contributed to the definition of the e-MOTICON strategy for the Alpine Space and developed its own Regional Action Plan, which is based on the official documents of Lombardy Region and defines short and medium-term scenarios for the electric mobility and development of electric charging network. In fact, Region Lombardy over the past years has consolidated its strategic vision on electric mobility with the approval of documents that today constitute the reference, at regional level, for actions in support of e-mobility diffusion, and specifically:

  • “Regional guidelines for the charging infrastructure of electric vehicles” approved in 2015.
  • “Regional Strategy for the Electric Mobility”, included in the Regional Program of Mobility and Transport, approved by the Regional Council in 2016;
  • “Implementation document of the regional strategy for the development of electric mobility” approved in 2017;

The next steps will be the implementation of National Infrastructural Plan for the Recharge of vehicles powered by Electricity – PNire Piano Nazionale Infrastrutturale per la Ricarica dei veicoli alimentati ad energia Elettrica, and definition, in collaboration with neighbouring regions, of supra-regional electric routes through planning of interoperable electric charging stations’ network to guarantee the continuity of vehicles recharge over long distances.

In the past weeks, a great endorsement of our project results was achieved in Italy. In fact, the Italian Ministry of Transport is going to capitalize e-MOTICON findings together with a working group composed by RSE and Italian e-MOTICON partners, to support the development of the informational Italian National Platform (PUN) for electric vehicle charging network. The working group will finalize a report describing the system functionalities, public authority role, technical requirements and normative references, and will present the roadmap for the future PUN development.

Cavicchioli Cristina (RSE)

The project activities officially ended on June 30th 2019.

Opening the link will take you to the short video introducing partners of the e-MOTICON consortium and the results of our activities: