Joining forces for e-mobility

Regional Development Agency of Gorenjska, BSC Kranj attended a working meeting in Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on Tuesday, June 11th 2019, to present e-MOTICON results including Memorandum of Understanding.

Electro Ljubljana, Gorenjske Elektrarne and BSC Kranj, RDA of Gorenjska presented to the mayors of the 23 municipalities of the Central Slovenian region a current state of play in the field of e-mobility infrastructure.

The president of the board of Electro Ljubljana, Andrej Ribič introduced the electricity infrastructure network development plans and emphasized the challenges electricity distributors and providers are facing with the increased use of electricity and increasing e-mobility. The current network is servicing the increasing demand for electricity. In Slovenia, currently, electric and plug in hybrids do not represent an issue in the use of electricity and daily demand peaks. However, “according to the changes we expect, we will run out of financial resources for upgrading the existing and building new electricity grids”, stated Ribič.

Executive director of regional units Operation and development of the distribution network, Matjaž Osvald went into details explaining development of the distribution network and the past and current projects and answering questions from the mayors about costs and provision of green electricity. Together with Jurij Curk, the consultant of the board of Electro Ljubljana, they presented statistical data of the operation and related costs, including the state politic significance influencing the financial resources for development and maintenance of the grid.

Guest speakers, project manager at Regional Development Agency of Gorenjska, BSC Kranj and Iztok Jenko, manager of development and operational projects at Gorenjske Elektrarne presented a joint pilot project, within e-MOTICON, of technically upgrading the existing electric charging stations in Gorenjska connecting them into an interoperable network, monitoring relevant data for the improvement of user experience. Jenko presented their endeavors for the implementation of e-mobility infrastructure and unified informational platform for charging infrastructure of electric vehicles and future cooperation with the major national stakeholders in the sector. Odlazek introduced the main results of the project e-MOTICON and the participatory approach to cooperation and support of municipalities in Gorenjska for e-mobility and infrastructure. This event was an opportunity to call upon all 23 participating mayors of the Central Slovenian region to join efforts and increase their support to e-mobility.